Orpheus prophet

​Orpheus See it? Out on the horizon ahead of us Lightning dances across the sky like a wicked ballet dancer While the thunder crawls outward from our chest Listen to the ghosts crying out their wretched grief Cold water on parched lips sighing Barren wicked world slowly dying For a taste of sweet relief The […]

Anxiety (poem)

I can feel the shattering blow glass breaking in the air as the trees bend something is different now wolves prowl the shadows it has set our teeth on edge and our nerves are finely tuned to the change our blood thrums as the chord is struck something, something but what is it? It is […]

Oh, Sanity (Poem)

oh sanity thou mysteriously thin wisp elusive and gone like the morning mists on a still lake as the sun breaks over the horizon and burns away quickly when fever catches and burns the body till air the skin finds abrasive there’s nothing to do but let the fever break in rest and repose we […]

We are Gay (poem)

(Photo by Elaine Li) Like fog lifting off a still lake in the first break of daylight in pink skies spirits rising with arms flung back and chests proudly barred and bruised above blackwater surprise ready to be reborn murdered, slandered, left for dead we escape you we elude you when your iron fists clamp […]