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Anxiety (poem)

I can feel the shattering blow
glass breaking in the air as the trees bend
something is different now
wolves prowl the shadows

it has set our teeth on edge
and our nerves are finely tuned to the change
our blood thrums as the chord is struck
something, something
but what is it?

It is as if the whole world has inhaled
waiting for the hammer’s blow
waiting for the cock to crow
waiting for the sickle’s stealthy swish

the worst of man has just stepped through
black knights on carrion horses
long dead rumors left unspoken
now find ears to listen to its song

There is light and hope
but the devil’s in the details
because truth is something chosen
and what was once pure has turned to pitch
and what was once black now glitters in the sun

This isn’t the fairy legend fables
nor nursery rhyme of brother’s Grimm
this is concrete level modern madness
as the feeling of uneasiness sets in

But where oh where do we find repose?
the rest of the wicked and worn out heart
in a place where even the daylight feels funny
and a nightmare where everyone is afraid of the dark

Is valiance an attribute buried deep in us all
awaiting the chance to break through and empower our sword-swinging arm?
or has high hopes blinded our eyes from seeing the world as it is
a contrast of light and of dark?

I don’t know, I don’t know! I can’t even venture to guess
as I wait and listen and watch the gathering storm
and like you I can only sit still in the moment
will Tomorrow bring help or will it bring harm?

I’ll wait here, like you, I’ll wait here to see
brave enough to look up toward the skies
to see what happens to a world that cannot rest
that cannot even, not for a moment, rest it’s eyes.

1 thought on “Anxiety (poem)”

  1. Just as I was giddy with happiness when Obama was elected I sat crying and in anguished disbelief after this election. Scared and angry, worried about the future and about the hate I ‘d seen emerge from the innards of the country. Let’s kerp the hope but stay alert—we can’t allow these bastards to destroy everything that had been accomplished.

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