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The Honesty of Tigers (Book Review)


I’ve never read a book like this before.
This is a very magical yet realistic enough story about a man who is reincarnated to live his life again. And in doing so sets out to avoid the mistakes – or what he sees as mistakes – of the first life. Slowly and deliberately the writer crafts for us this man’s world as it is now, and compares and contrasts it to the life he once lived. And in some instances he does it side by side.
Which is – genius.
This isn’t a fast paced book of worn out themes and two dimensional characters. This is a character study of a man who got to do it all over again. And then – again.
This is a glass of Johnny Walker Black, on ice, while you sit in front of a fire as you read on a day when its too wet outside to do anything else – book. This is a , ‘you let the whisky soak your soul and fall asleep because the fire made you warm and you dream about the book, book.
There are a lot of large themes, beautiful landscapes, incredible writing, and love. That is what shines out of this in it’s entirety.
I’ll be thinking about this book for a long while. And I’ll be thinking about what I could change on my next go ’round.
Big. Brilliant. Beautiful. Gentle. Different. And all lovely.

Five stars

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