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Jere’s Song – T.H.O.T


You stole my safety when you
You invaded my space
“Your work makes me hard.”
Was a punch in the face
Misplaced, disgraced
Words from a familiar face
Puffy now from the steroids
You use to replace
Your waning ephemeral body
like the Rapid dissolving Pace
of your marriage vows, clown
So, In your juiced up rage
You sexualized me
But you got a taste
Of the big bad demons that keep up with me, now
Come come pretty boy, let’s hang awhile
Let me explain what we do in Detroit when you break a vow
Six,six, six years was how long I spent with you
But twenty minutes was all it took for you
A few jerks of the wrist, (heh)to dismiss my autonomy as you tried to bring me down
“My husband said it’s okay,”
Well, dude, that bitch is a clown,
Got some other mothercuckers out here
checkin you out
Jackin their dicks, Pricks, while you out here thinkin’
“ooooh, I’m in love”
But you know now you’re nothing more just your husbands side chick
homeboy went from matrimony and is now your pimp
And Jere – I gotta admit- that’s some crazy fucked up shit
But that’s all you boo, I can’t deny
You’re fucked up marriage situation
Isn’t what made me cry
“Haha I broke your brain”
Was what made me die
The sound that you heard was my chest in pain
As you forced the air from my lungs, and made it rain
And the anger that you’ve invoked in me
Has just begun
It come up out of the east just like the rising sun
For fun, I motherfucked your silly ass up one side
The coffin bangers screaming at me
“Fuck his pride.”
Make him pay for all the things that your sick daddy did
Make him see the sin he committed wasn’t just a sin
But an abomination of the sexually degrading kind
You snatched my peace from me when you told me the lie
That “nah” I don’t do what them other fggts
You’re safe here with me buddy, i want to know you
So if your wondering why I’m mad, baby, don’t be scared
You went from being my homeboy
To just that hoe over there