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Where the truth is (Poem)

The truth is in the middle
between what he said what she said
bullets flying over my head
the screaming is driving me mad
No the bible didn’t make this country
but essential oils haven’t healed a thing
they only thing you agree on is how much you hate
the center
mainstream, lamestream, that place where everyone else is
You’re addicted to being different
in love with the taste of your own tears
you find new names for things that never existed
and you apply old methods to things you don’t understand
as you’ve done for years
Tumblr and your preacher are not experts
what you believe is not what is regardless how much
you scream and shout about it
You have a right to an opinion but if it’s empty of fact
as an empty jar is void of substance
You also have a right to be wrong about it
When it comes to one side, I’d be atheist
if the atheists didn’t murder all that’s beautiful of religion
I’d be vegan, if I wasn’t afraid I’d starve
I’d be a religious, if you didn’t murder all that’s beautiful about the world
Some days I’m even scared to be queer
There is no one as loud as you
as freaky and hateful and burning the world down as you
but that doesn’t save anything as you end sentences in exclamation points to express your point of view
all you do is make refugees beaten bloody by
your brand of extremism
Revolutions don’t come from men like me
We just try and try and try and try to be
Watching out for wolves on the right
and starving wraiths on the left
as we make our way down the road
hanging on to truth
slap down in the middle
where it’s never once moved