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Is this your version of heaven? (poem)

Is this your version of heaven
whites only, men only, women BACK TO THE KITCHEN!
where everything at least looks good
looks calm, looks clean, looks almost pristine
but like a sarcophagus everyone else, everything else
rots underneath

Is this your version of glory
where Christ was a murderer and the thief
where big teeth preacher take social security checks
to fly private jets across the smog filled sky?

Is this your version of paradise
empty spaces where beauty once was
empty places where people once roamed
bland food bland life bland world of all white?

Harken back to the days when…
you were less because you were ignorant
when you were too slothful to think for yourself
and you sat in your own stench in your Sunday’s best
while the book of Exodus gathered dust on your shelf

You know among the N word’s many meanings
one was lazy, right?
if we take that word with all its twisted roots
which is ironic in a gut-punching way
a term you used to make black folks feel less than
when those who used it lived in glass houses
who now make up the majority of the welfare line

Is this your version of heaven
good grief If the world only knew
what golden calf garbage you don’t hesitate to peddle
and here I am Thanking God
that the heaven I’ll be in will be different
Because the Jesus I worship
was a brown skinned, woolen haired, sandal wearing, 


It’s strange days when Jesus and Rock and Roll are on the same side….

1 thought on “Is this your version of heaven? (poem)”

  1. First I’d like to say that I’ve always found my school nuns image of heaven was terribly boring. But this new version is even worse because it is selfishly and meanly exclusive. Not my idea of a place where, if I was a believer, I’d like to spend eternity in.

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