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Orpheus prophet


See it? Out on the horizon ahead of us

Lightning dances across the sky like a wicked ballet dancer

While the thunder crawls outward from our chest
Listen to the ghosts crying out their wretched grief

Cold water on parched lips sighing

Barren wicked world slowly dying

For a taste of sweet relief
The world beneath us rumbles

Like a chrome engine roaring

Down abandoned interstate blacktop 

Shimmering phantoms in the  heat
Can’t you hear the orchestra playing

Your muse begging to be sung to?

Your rock N roll lover needing to be clung to?

Armageddon’s silverbacked dragon begins to  roar
Feel that tremble, rock it gently

Sweet perfumes wafting in the window

Hells headbanging riff crescendos

Knocking on your bedroom door
And just like magic the shows over

Soaked and sated it rolls over

The song is sung the poem spoken

Leaving room for one drop more
But that’s Orpheus’ magic

Dancing daring desert lightning

Could be frightening if you’re easy

Throw your pistols out the door
Now we peel out tires screaming

Rocks jumping tires spitting 

Fire flaring out of tailpipes 

As you stomp it to the floor
Then we race on through til midnight

Chasing fire on the skyline

Rock N rolling devil dragons

Chase that muse straight on til dawn