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We are Gay (poem)


(Photo by Elaine Li)

Like fog lifting off a still lake
in the first break of daylight in pink skies
spirits rising with arms flung back and chests proudly barred and bruised
above blackwater surprise
ready to be reborn
murdered, slandered, left for dead
we escape you
we elude you
when your iron fists clamp down
we slip, laughing in our nakedness, in our brazen sex
our daring
right through and past you
You made the word functional, gears grinding upon steel
clockwork humanity
black and white it rolls out in front of you
one, two, three, four
we came along and made your necessary, fantastic
and you ask for more, more,
please just a little more…

Through your love, we are made
when your man parted your tender milky thighs
we are not a thought, a choice, or a decision
we are a species, a truth, creatures of light and dark
from your womb, you’ve given us life
these princes of heaven touched by grace
fallen in your eyes
but closer to god than you can imagine
ambassadors of heaven
in our truth, we revel, like imps
fairies in trees casting spells over the word
laughing and feeling and weeping over the break of day

you love what we do for you
hate what we make you feel
you twist and writhe to the songs we sing
yet through bared teeth, you grit our names in anger
at the love we make, the sexuality that rolls off of us in waves
as we dangle our souls over perdition’s flame with our dangerous truths, heads thrown
back in
delighted laughter
and with iron fists, you come to take our life from us
tie us to wooden fences to freeze,
hated for what we do even to you and dying in our privilege
left for dead in the worst of your clockwork world, behind steel, and thrown from rooftops

but morning dawns and the spirits rise
and we rise once again when dawn breaks over the hills
and the seed dries between her thighs
black, white, Arab, and Irish
Catholic, Muslim, and Hindu
there’s no telling where we’ll come next
or who we’ll make blush
to whom or when will we appear
but you’ll know us when your clockwork world becomes softer at the edges
but these gentle beings befriend your women
will remind you to love
and will take your breath away
unconnected by blood
but connected to god
we are, we are, and will be again
whispering in your ear poems, songs, and sweet things

we are the fog that lifts above still waters, elusive
and the leaves that fall upon the face of the world
we are beauty and light and song
laughing and making love in the dark, and in the day, and in the heat of the afternoon
we are majesty
we are, we are …
And You, and you are,



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