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The election (Now what m/m?)

Words fail me to disribe the way I’m feeling right now.

I, like many of you, am completely stunned by this outcome.

So many of us were looking to break another glass ceiling in this country by electing the first woman into the office of President.

But that isn’t going to happen, this time.

America – for better or worse – has spoken.

And while I know many of us are sore, right now. And are going to be sore for the foreseeable future, I believe it is imparative that we recover quickly.

We knew this was a possiblity.

So, now what?

We have a STRONG country and a STRONG system of government.

We have a strong media – which is the fourth estate.

But to all my poets, singers, writers, authors, publishers, movie makers out there. To all those who walk the way of the bard, we have a job too.

The sun will come up tomorrow. The issues we face as LGBT or those in minority classes aren’t going away any time soon.

And now is our time to do what we do best.


The world has been changed often times with books. With media. With stories of the everyman. Now isn’t the time to retreat.

We’re in the same boat together, now. Our fates are intertwined. We can no longer afford division in our little corner of the literary world.

With that sunrise – for a lot of people – hope is going to be a bit hard to come by. But we can do our damnedest to try and deliver as much hope as possible.

We have a job. A big one.

Just like in any other time of crisis, people are going to be looking for a way out.

We can deliver on that.

Just some thoughts. Authors, lets get to work.