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When I was young (summer poem)


(Photo by Aaron Burden)

I was younger once

In days of lilac blue

Upon the yellow sand

Of a fresh water sea

I sat with my feet

In the water turned green

By its warmth
There, little silver fishes

Darted among my toes

And disappeared into

The black mineral depths

Of, oh, maybe a foot?
The air fell downward

In an invisible woosh

That rippled across the surface

And sent white paper plates

Tumbling from grey

Picnic tables
The red roof building

Upon a green grass hill

Stood sentry over summer revelers

As smells of corndogs and pretzels

Filled the air
Red, white, and blue bags

Filled with charcoal

Sat next to brown pine trunks

That cast cool shadows that

Brought relief to hot sand burnt feet
Where, underneath, an old patchwork

Blanket was spread out

And a body reclined safe

Save for the occasional curious

Honey bee
Children, myself included, found friends

Among the sun-bleached playground

Of swingsets, monkey bars, and silver colored slides

That burnt pink the legs of someone unwise

Enough to slide when the sun was high
Through the shadowy woods in the back

A long walk brought you

Through the marshes where

The blue dragon flyer alighted

Momentarily upon the water

Living ripples behind
That was the colour of my summers

With sunkissed shoulders

Worn out senses

And a day that lasted for years

When I was young

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