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Winter- the Fourth Sister (Poem)

Make way!
Make way!
Autumn is leaving, the fourth sister she draweth nigh!
gone are the harvest days of farmers and plow
as thundersnow arcs across the sky.

Winter, my dear, is here once again
freezing naked glass in window pane
wooden doors bow out, and fir trees begin to bend
from the remnants of autumn’s rain

Astride the back of a century’s old stag
both white from ages long gone
white hands grasp the reigns, the beast carries his charge
as the fourth sister sings a wintertide song

“Come Artic wind! Come here, once again!
freeze the day and turn it to night
turn the lakes to stone
the world the color of bone
with the power of your celestial might!”

And the wind doth obey, the skies steel grey
the way a peasant would obey a queen
for as she sits astride her eighteen point mount
she wears a ice cycle crown for the world to see

And this is the way it’ll be until May,
till the wildest of the sisters arrive
bringing warmth from the south
the sisters will battle it out
above the ground far up in the sky

But for now the world sleeps
in dreams so deep, lulled there
by the weight and warmth of snow
the sun’s long gone
the nights grow long
set ablaze by the moon’s silver glow

Here she will reign, until February’s gone
till her grasp weakens and and let’s go
but for now she’s here, heed her power my dear
I would hate for you to get lost in the snow.

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