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Dear God ( a prayer for today)

Of all the things I can pray for
Besides peace and the end to war
Is that I may be a light in the dark
In that pure place where we go
To greet the day, a friend, or lover
With gentle voice and healing hands
To show mercy when there is hurt
And show love to my fellow man

I pray for those in peril
As they cross that refugee mile
For those who receive them and take them in
I pray that neither will tire.

I pray for those who raise their fist
Isis, isil, and I.S that you show them wisdom of all the ages
That life doesn’t need to be lived like this

I pray for France and for Lebanon
For Palestine and Israel
That brothers Muslim and Jew
Can know peace for themselves as well

I pray for my soul and my country
That there can be a healing here today
So that our family can come to the table together
To feast and laugh and pray

Of all the things I can pray for
From moonlight to rising sun
I must acknowledge my helpless soul
And say My Lord, Thy will be done.

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