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Walking like gods (poem)





we’re walking like gods
in this day and age
where perfection isn’t requested
it’s demanded and the faulted; reprimanded
for not being the paragon 
their humanity forbids them to be

ignorance is triumphed, lauded
praised, rewarded
the producers of malice given a platform
while the advances society has made
is bled to death, made anemic,
from the fangs of power hungry preachers
singing a hymn written for a conman

and on the flip, we’d starve people
of the same precious information
because the figures of the past were imperfect
it doesn’t fit your New World Translation
where we – as good as we are – still wouldn’t qualify
not for a speck, but for the plank in our own eyes

there is a depth to us, in this new age,
a petri dish would call shallow
emotions whip with gale force strength
and thought and reason crumbles inward
and are sheered off the windows of our hearts

we’re walking like gods
in this over emotional neo-romanticism
and old ways – old things that should be long dead
have risen
disease, flags, and monsters with their
old hatreds for anything different
now trod across bodies, these willfully ignorant sacrifices
to sit on thrones of shattered lives and collective shame

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