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Life’s Banquet




Who I am here, is who I am in real life
Memes and comments aside
I’m nice to people who are nice to me
and I don’t acknowledge the existence of others who aren’t

It’s not difficult really
its a matter of simply shutting a door
walking away and moving on down the long winding road
to another face, another chance meeting, a conversation
stuck up like a match

There are literally seven and a half billion people on earth
all with varying degrees of wit and humor
surely I’ll find another conversation worthy of my time among them
Maybe a volcanologist in Bali who has an affinity for sharp cheddar

It takes a certain kind of person, really
someone wrapped up inside of who they are
to think that one should starve themselves from sampling
life’s banquet – for a chance taste of you

my odds are better ‘out there’
in this nebulous thing we call the world
and quite frankly although my pallet is easily pleased
I find honesty of character far more to my liking
than pleasantries for pleasantries sake

No, I am no Nobel Prize winner
No Oxford Scholar, Poet Laureate, hell, I barely graduated high school
Yet I have lived a full life, have sipped from the cup of pain and joy
and I speak full throated about the flavors that broke over my tongue

So, if that speech bothers you too much
I’ll take my leave as soon as you think I should
for although my feet are calloused from years of walking
morning will break over the horizon the same as it did before

1 thought on “Life’s Banquet”

  1. This is a deep poem, true to yourself – and I think that kind of faithfulness to yourself is the most important thing. You should be and express who and how you are. And that’s one of the things that make you you – and that at least I like most about you. You being true to yourself! <3

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