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Which way do I go? (Poem)

So, April is national poetry month. So, I asked several people on my social media to give me prompts to write about. This one comes from a friend named Sue. Her prompt was, “Out of Step with Everyone Else.”

I hope you like it.


Left, possibly
Right, maybe
Perhaps I’ll just let the stars tell me
2,000 years of collective human knowledge
And the world is stumbling over itself.

I’m not sure where to begin, now
Everyone says they have the answer, how?
How do they know which way is up
When it seems the whole world is upside down?

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
For Frost that was enough
But the road less taken has been taken
Till it’s worn right down

I – am but a woman
But I am every woman when Chaka
Sings soulfully through the earbuds in my ears

When I walk my dogs through the park
I see the birds and trees and think
That nothing could possibly be wrong
But I feel so out of place

Now, which way to go?
That’s the million dollar question
Do I follow midnight’s long procession and wait
For the sun to speak to me which direction I must Trod?

Or do I decide to cast my gaze inward
Find my truth built somehow inside me
And let my footfalls fall upon my undiscovered country
of self-reliance or some untapped reservoir of faith?

Right, possibly
Go left, I dunno, maybe
But wherever I go I don’t think I have to
Fear teeming crowds of curious minds

For they’ve all made their decisions
Embracing clichéd difference of opinions
From Humble neighborhoods, straight on through to
Beverly Hills

So, I’ll find my path my own way
Listening solely to my own conscience
Change direction when I feel the earth trying
To tell me what I should already know

For I am wiser than my years, now
I know easy answers are mostly low brow
So, I’ll dig my own path willingly, deftly
Fearlessly, until like Stevie
I’ve taken this love and I’ve taken it down
having found the answers then…then, I’ll turn around

1 thought on “Which way do I go? (Poem)”

  1. I like this very much!
    How about your next prompt getting here? I’m not going to give you a ‘subject’ to write the poem about – but if you like, add a bear and a stag. I’d love to see what you make out of it. 🙂

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