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Some days

Some days I feel the air on my face
And some days I feel the shadows creeping out from underneath the live oak
Some days i feel like a beloved
And some days I’m just damned

Some days I am the sexiest man alive
And then some days I’m Quasimodo
Some days I am Sir Galahad
And some I’m Quixote

Some days I’m the best writer in the world
And some days I don’t believe the lavish words thrown upon me
Some days my poems touch my soul
And some days I can’t even find my rhythm

Why am I so insecure
((Your a right fucking nutter is what you are))
Shush, it isn’t one of those days today and I’ll not have you ruin this verse for my fans
The masses
All three of you

Back to what I was saying before my failures spoke up
Some days
Some day
One day I’ll believe something.

1 thought on “Some days”

  1. Wow. Your poem is great! You know what? I also tried writing myself too. You can check it if you want 🙂 Your follow would be nice 🙂 Hehe thank you!

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