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Oh, Professor (a psalm for knowledge)

Oh professor
Teach me your stories
Tell me your truth
And give to me your life’s ambition
So that I may carry its burden with me

Teach me, weigh me down
Bid my mind to think
To ponder, to wonder,
And put lines on my face
And truth in my heart

Be that Thorn in my side
The lessons that cause me to question
Turn what I know as concrete truth
Into a porous vessel

Heave it upon my shoulders
And bend my back a little
With the weight of the world
So that I become not a sophist
But a speaker of true things

I’d rather be blinded by hot white light
And walk in darkness with ears that know truth once it’s spoken
Than be shrouded in foggy uncertainty
With only a moments notice before tripping over my feet

I’ll accept it gladly, the pain and the pleasure
That makes me odd, rather queer
And know that while I can change a life
I’ll be heartbroken to know, even with this collective knowledge
That I am powerless to change the world

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