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Man and Beast (Poem)

Man and Beast – F.E.

I open my veins up for you to see
right there on paper what it feels like deep inside of me
there are places and spaces in between the drops of blood
different faces I’ve worn in the thousand lives I’ve lived
as I wandered desert sands like an Arab man

I give you everything I have
I’m willing to give you everything as I hand over my still beating heart – vulnerable
while my iron thighs hold your waist while molten fire pierces my core

I am a ghost, you’re demon lover
reveling in the trap that I’ve laid for us both
i have us where the devil wants us
but he turns away ashamed at what he sees
As my tears run passed bruised lips
I should repent for this kind of sin
but I don’t feel like it
nothing has ever felt this good
and so powerful and right

So here we burn and I bleed out limp and worthless
I pass out under celestial light coming in from the window
used up and spent and wrecked and laughing in my sleep
as you look at me in amazement
I flee once more from the condemnation of a world
that wishes could feel this way

I’m your voodoo lady
as my shirt rides up high no longer covering my sex
brazenly daring the angels to look upon me
as well as the demons who linger in the shadows
I am man and beast – and in the midst of a room of observers
I slumber satisfied until the sun comes up again

3 thoughts on “Man and Beast (Poem)”

  1. I found this poem a bit confusing so I read it several times. My thoughts are of sadness yet also hope. My conclusion? You can never love someone truly or dream with a smiling heart until you learn to love yourself. I am curious to know if this is what you were going for. :o)

    1. Sometimes I feel the weight of the world. And in love making – as it were- wiped that away. And it always does.
      but in a way that’s healthy? I’m not wandering.

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