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Love yourself


(Photo by Saeed Mhmdi)

Love yourself – I am not talking about narcissism because that does not love. That’s obsession. That’s ego.

But true love. Love yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. Be merciful to yourself.
Be yourself
Don’t ever be someone you’re not
There isn’t anything in the world worth trading yourself in for.

Not a friend, lover, a group.
Not a promise of fortune nor a threat of misfortune.

We do this so much.

We try to be so many different people for so many different people that who we are – gets lost in the shuffle.

Or we screw up and get who we’re supposed to be for this group and are that way with the wrong one.

Do you, boo.

All day. Everyday.

If you give people your space, they’ll move in and set up house where you’re supposed to be.

You are a person. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your beliefs – matter.

You – matter.

Draw that line. Set up those boundaries. Be true to yourself.

Some people may not like that.

I can guarantee you a lot of people don’t.

But that’s because you’ve stopped letting them live rent-free in your head.

I’ve had people in my life who knew they were wrong for doing me the way they did.
Knew it.

But because I let them, they kept it up.

You know what happened when I cut them off?

They got mad.

It was like, “How dare you stop me from hurting you?”

They ain’t nothin but some gossip folk, now.

I don’t even remember their last names.

You’re worth too much to be something you’re not.

Just a thought.

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