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Grocery store famous (Poem)

I danced in the grocery store line
Bobbin my head to a memory
Was it Whitney? Maybe Paula?
Hmmm, it doesnt matter it was familiar.
And I sang along.
When my mother took me as a child
To Framer Jacks or A and P
I used to hate the music piped over the intercom
Songs from an age in which I was unfamiliar
But as I hefted produce, and cheese, and wine to the conveyor belt
I slipped back in time for a moment
And dance and sang with my coupons and money in hand
Unafraid, unbothered, singing in harmony with Steve Perry
About a boy born and raised in South Detroit
Yes. I was happy for a moment
And the headliner in lane number 9

4 thoughts on “Grocery store famous (Poem)”

  1. I was notorious for embarrassing another relative of ours by making feeble attempts at the moonwalk when Thriller played at Meijer. Far from headliner status but enjoyed watching big boy blush.

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