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God, Kim Burrell, Ellen Degeneres, and beer

Earlier I watched Pharrell on Ellen and they spoke about Kim Burrell. You can watch their discussion here. This was a really great way to deal with The Kim Burrell’s ‘sermon’.

This was a really great way to deal with The Kim Burrell’s ‘sermon’.

Tolerance of intolerance is itself, intolerant.

Unlike the Gaine’s family – Kim decided to step out into this subject and condemn and even spoke about ‘gay people dying in 2017.”
But if Kim actually read her Bible, and was a Biblical Literalist – she had no business preaching in the first place. The Bible strictly prohibits women, preachers. It also prohibits women in pants. And cutting their hair. And speaking to men in an authoritative position and on it goes. It’s not only a sin – it’s an abomination.

And the list of abominations and sins was not to make a laundry list so people can argue about who is more accursed than who – it was to make a broader point that everyone is messed up with their own issues.

I mean, come on. Mixed fabrics? It would make laundry a bit more difficult – but if he went to mixing fabrics. I think he was trying to be ‘inclusive.’

Radical Equality in the eyes of God.

I had a great conversation last night which affirmed a belief that I had – The greatest commandments God ever gave, which usurps every other – is to “Love thy God with all thy, heart, thy soul, and love your neighbor has yourself.”

It’s reiterated later on in the gospel that of all the commandments given love is the greatest.

Which is sort of ironic if you think about it. What’s Ellen ALWAYS PREACHING?

Love each other.

If someone preaches something and it isn’t first rooted in love – it’s not the gospel. The Bible is meant to serve God. Not the other way around and it most CERTAINLY wasn’t meant to serve people’s skewed world views.

God don’t care how you were raised. He doesn’t care what your grandpa said. What part of the country or the world you are from. Who your daddy was. Or what your political affiliation is. He doesn’t care.

At all.

Why do you think slavery and Jim Crow stuck around so long? Because it was reinforced by twisting the scripture and preached out of the pulpit.

Nothing and no one has the right – Christian or otherwise, to condemn people for things they cannot help. Or hell, they can’t condemn people for this they CAN help – condemnation, is patently off the table.

Because as soon as you do it, you open yourself up to it.

“Judge not, lest ye be….”

Did you know at one point it was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for Christians to loan other Christians money at an interest rate?

It was also strictly FORBIDDEN for a Christian to SUE another in court.

It was also FORBIDDEN to divorce and FORGET REMARRYING.

So why have we made accommodations for that? Why did we change that? Because enough people found themselves in those situations and therefore were able to find enough grace to be okay with it.

But we hold Grace back from everyone else.

Why? Because Grace is offensive. We like it where we fail, or where we are frail, or where we have issues. But like a welfare check or social security – we don’t like it when OTHER people get it. Because we divine in our minds that ‘the other’ isn’t worthy of it.

We do the same thing in this country in regards to rights.

The world is so filled with judgment and prejudice – even in churches where it pours out vile and putrid and filled with hate. Those people are as ‘saved’ in my opinion, as the man in the moon.

But the difference between the ‘world’ and ‘the church’ is – in the world, I can judge—-and drink beer.

Why in the world would I cut myself off from beer to come and hang out with you when I can do the same thing out here?

Why do you judge your brother for a speck in his eye when there is a plank in yours?

There is a REASON why, when the Devil tempted Christ in the DESERT, he brought with him…The Scripture. There was a reason Christ was killed by the ‘saved of the saved’ of his time. HE was judged – according to Scripture.

There was a reason why Christians were first persecuted for their beliefs because they were being persecuted ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE.

In the book of Deuteronomy – anyone ‘hung on the tree’ was – according to the belief system at the time ‘cursed’.

That was the big dividing line between Judaism and Christianity. Jews didn’t accept Christ as the Messiah because he’d been crucified on the cross.

The Bible cursed The Son of God. Take that in. Let that stew in your head.

Because you at one point in time had to be a JEW FIRST, before you could be a Christian. Christianity was a sect of Judaism before it broke away.

Along with all the ‘rules’ Christ broke, among touching unclean women, unclean and even dead bodies, breaking bread with Gentiles, having women in his presence where men were also, jumping in to save a woman from being stoned to death, he broke another IN THE WAY THAT HE DIED.

So not only were Christians worshipping a pagan god, they were worshipping one that had – according to them – had been CURSED.

That’s not supposition- that’s church history.

You wonder why atheism is running rampant all over the place – you wonder why people have given up on God? Don’t look at the ‘worldly’ influence.

Take a good long hard look at the church. You got the doctrine, you have the splendid Cathedrals, you have the legacy – what are you missing?

You’re missing the Love of God.

Kind of an important ingredient don’t you think?

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