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The Devil among us (Poem)


The devil walks among the pious

among the rich and lofty few

toward the halls of justice and of government

into the heart of the holiest place

sunlight streaming on-top of his head

from the stain-glass windows


The devil stands behind pulpits

and carries the Bible in his hand

with a white smile he beguiles the many

and throws out those who hear something off

about his words, his gaze, his temperament

this wolf in sheeps clothing says

Love the sinner, hate the sin


The devil is in the ear of the parent

spare the rod spoil the child, says the deceiver

children need a firm and powerful hand

he encourages the shattering of a child’s safety

for there is nothing sadder in the world

nothing more pleasing to him, than the hopelessness

of a cynical child


The devil walks among us, not quite the roaring lion

we all have come to expect stalking his prey

from high grasses, nay

he’s less a powerful feline and more like a rodent

chewing through the ropes that bind us all together

creating chaos wherever he goes


So if the devil can be in these places

then his evil can disguise itself as well

not the rumble of thunder, nor the rolling of drums

but in the form of whispers as gentle as a feathers touch

that fall upon a willing ear of a person

ready to set the world on fire

confirming to him the prejudices of his heart

and convincing him that he alone can make the world right, again.


For He is the Opposite of Grace