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Self love (poem)




Turn your eyes inward
And see the glory of what you are
See the rise and fall of your breath
The pulse in your neck
Perhaps linger at the swell of your chest

feel the roundness of your belly and know that you are fed
Place your palm over your left Peck
And know that you aren’t dead

Admire the peculiarity of your swollen sex, the curve of your right hip
See the toes poking out from under your duvet
Now trace your gaze upon the blue veins in your wrist

Feel the thunder when you speak
And taste the words as they spill from your lips
Smell the perfumes of the morning
When the sun crests the trees cedar tips

Living your life through the eyes of others
Will never slake your thirst
Know that you are living, breathing, thriving!
And have been since your birth

Shake your mane of hair, lion
Stretch your fingers towards the sky
Taste the bread, the grapes, and sweet things
Drink the water, the wine, and the rye

Live strong,  even when in peril, live even when in doubt
Don’t waste another day
Own your own glory, beauty, and passion
Love yourself with clarity
And you’ll live another day!