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Sunday: Pajama Day (Snuggle for Existence)


(Photo: Ray Hennessy)

Oh, boy!

It’s cool outside. Winter is sliding out of the door and it’s that time of year again! The time of year we lose an hour of sleep and spend the next three weeks grumbling at the time clock.

It’s that time of year when accidents increase, tempers flare, and people wandering around sort of jogged after losing an hour of sleep!


Pajama day.

The day after the Chamber of Commerce’s forced hour loss so we can all shop more, I suggest a national holiday of resistance.

Pajama Day

This is the day you will catch up on reading, watching old television shows snuggled up on the couch, watch a string of movies (like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the beloved Family movie of all time: The Godfather).

Put on a pot of soup beans, order a pizza, or grab take out Chinese and vow to stay in your pajamas ALL DAY!

Have funky hair, bad breath, have a coffee cup within reaching distance, fuzzy slippers, fuzzy socks, fuzzy animals sitting nearby, and relax.

And if you have to shop, Amazon your happy heart out.

Buy that pepper grinder in the shape of a cow!

Buy the greatest collection of Western works (all 57 volumes) for 200 dollars (used)!

Crack a window, curl up, and take a nap!

Get through this forced jet lag of a day and start your Monday off right. So freaking rested you’re ready to take on anything.

Some days it’s  a struggle for existence.

So make today, A snuggle for existence!