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I’m having an affair (Poem)


Christopher Campbell

You want some tea?
Can you handle the lemonade?
Let me spill a bit for you.
Let me quench your thirst on this
hot August day 
I’ll fill your glass with ice
and pour it over
with a shot of Greygoose

Sip it down, baby
that’s right
how you feelin now?
Well sit a little closer
lean in and let me whisper
in your delicate ear

I’m having an affair
mmmmm yes, that’s right
Can I bum a cigarette?
Got a light too?
Oh, baby, come on
Wipe that shocked look off
your pretty face
It’s true

With who?
I’ll get to that in a bit
It’s been forever since I’ve had one
No, I mean a cigarette
No, I’ve had affairs before
But this guy, this guy, this guy

Ha! Oh yeah, does my man know?
No. No. I’ve not told him
hmmm – Baby, I don’t creep usually
But this dude’s got me feelin love
but it ain’t the rose given kind
it’s my shorts riding up on my thighs, kind
It’s the Paula Cole, kind

It’s kisses down my neck, kind
and his hands make me say his name
a kind of puppet master
speaking an X rated kind of sign language
whispering along my skin
while my hands grip the headboard
ice cubes have never been this hot before
and rope burns have never had me so frozen

His lips, are like rose petals
soft and firm at the same time
Yes, this affair has got me turned out
and when we – well….you know..
I’ve never had someone look at me like that
those blue eyes set my mind on fire
after – I can’t remember my name
or how to walk
but I now know sleep better than I ever had

Okay, okay
Alright – I’ll tell you who it is
because I love him.
I do
I love him.
Who is it?
Who’s got me like that?
It’s the man who put this ring on my left hand
That’s right.
I’m having an affair with my husband

I’m lucky

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