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I told him (poem)

​How could you be so souless?

A demon in Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds.

Working hard to provide for your…


That’s what we were.


Not people.
No, there was no softness 

Just hard edges, razor sharp points

Hugs as hard as concrete and kisses that made us bleed
Lovelorn children turn to starving adults

Never full, can’t get full, never enough

Sex, God, attention – Must. Have. Attention

A misplaced glance likened to a bomb blast

And like burnt paper we simply slide away
What did you do?

Let your men touch them, let your man touch him

Take possession of an innocent and render it unholy

Make it hungry, make it needy, if it’s hungry we won’t leave, can’t leave, cannot ever ever leave
And that’s it isn’t it?

Miles and years apart we may be

But my thoughts don’t belong to me

You posses it pound for pound and you’re in for a penny

Ride this horse until it drops
Get over it, they say, let it go

But how when you still whisper in my ear?

Since no boundaries were honored, stripped down until I was naked

Miles and years it doesn’t matter 

Doesn’t matter, you’re right here!
Utterly filthy and unrepentant

Demon possessed son, I grew a conscience

Ive been fucked in more ways than one

But you knew that already

Knew before you named me Freddie

That I’d be fucked figuratively before actuality could begin
Meh, so what?

So what?! I loved them. they fed me

Fed me hungry love starved soulful body

And one even managed to marry me

Said he loved me – I I!!! Was the one

And in the quiet stillness

As he sleeps I whisper 

Whisper to him the things that I remember 

Things that had gone on before

And among the things I told him about the long long road I be traveled and all the things and people and places I’ve been
I told him 
I told him
I told him what you did.

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