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He was a Middle Eastern Jew (poem)



Murderous, venomous
Thomas Hobbes is now a prophet
where refugees are cast aside
and black men die for the color of their skin
and thugs wearing badges prowl the streets
yes, your abundance of a pigment is STILL a reason you must bleed.

Broke down, low down
dirty rotten shame we’re sitting in
It’s like the 1930’s, 1960’s, and 1984
all rolled into one stinking pile of a lack of acumen

White is right, White is right
white is wrong here, brother man
we’re bleeding this age of reason creation
in favor of jingoistic, fundamentalist, belief in a lack of pigment

a belief in a LACK of something
that makes you superior? please vote, people
or you’ll be governed by your inferiors
cardboard cut outs posing as human beings
who’s lacking is not in color but the beating
heart that occupies a real person’s interior

Its like the tale of the body snatchers
as we’ve become soulless, demonic,
forget Agape, we can’t even grasp the platonic
love necessarily to keep from killing our fellow countrymen
someone born under the protection of and rights GOD has given them.

But you want to sit up in here and lecture on sin
are you for real? Baptist man? Pentecostal?
Since when did King George III tyranny become so lawful
it’s awful, sit down, shut up, read that damn book you carry
because what you’re lacking, really, quite clearly
is the Son of the Virgin Mary

Who, by the way, I know I shouldn’t have to say this
although it’s avoided yet it’s really hard to miss
the fact that he was a refugee, and brown skin to boot
the last thing may surprise you, He was a Middle Eastern Jew.

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