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Funeral for a saint (poem)

It’s hard to let go

To something  that was such a part of our life

Someone we knew would be there

The next time worship at the cathedral in the forest brought us together
There had been laughter, old stories, as ghosts hovered overhead.

And the breeze tinkled wind chimes and sweet Jasmin and wisteria gripped the air

There had been drinks and food , plenty

As tobacco smoke rose steadily into the fast evening

There at the cathedral in the deep green Texas forest

Surrounded by saints of a religion long since dead

Cherubs and Norse Gods, Aztec suns as well as dragons littered the walk in the wild gardens we could hear the

gardens we could hear the whinny of a horse as sure as the cock crowed

Deep in the cathedral of a white witch, who read poetry from spellbooks

It’s hard to let go

To someone who was a part of our lives

But we’ll remember you when the cool spring air brings once more the smell of earth and rain

At the cathedral deep in a Texas wood