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Catfish (poem)


(Photo: Tom Butler)

I see you out there swimming among the reeds
telling lies, and giving rise
to animosity in our water
the other fishes dart in and out
of the darkness to see
what you’re doing
but you don’t care about those you hurt
because in short – it’s all about you

You’ve been a man but not a man
a hero but not a hero
and made people feel for you
but the feelings you collected you
ingested because in the end that’s all a catfish can do

you bottom feeder
sandy silty shoreline dweller
picking up the litter of what is left behind
being cruel and being crass and
trying to be a part of the world that just doesn’t want you

It’s one thing to pretend
its another to up end the playground where we all swim
but your misogyny and racism and lecherousness isn’t pretty its rather petty
it shows that the water isn’t the only thing shallow where you swim

But with all the lies
and fears and hurt feelings of those who happened to swim by
makes certain to those who have a good soul
the only good catfish is the ones that are battered, salted, and fried

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