Anxiety Author

unsplash-logoNik Shuliahin Living with anxiety is like living with a ghost who, on occasion, like’s to pop out of the closet, from behind the door, or behind a shower curtain. Yes, that’s exactly what it’s been like for the past three months. The first attack was bad. The second was worse. The third was a […]

Madness (Poem)

(Photo by: Ian Espinosa)   I wish we could all go back When mornings dawned with brilliance and dew hung on gossamer spiders threads And trees were alight with a flock of birds gathered about chatting away with such urgency and ferocity The passerby wondered if he believed in something that passionately When the sounds […]

Anxiety (poem)

I can feel the shattering blow glass breaking in the air as the trees bend something is different now wolves prowl the shadows it has set our teeth on edge and our nerves are finely tuned to the change our blood thrums as the chord is struck something, something but what is it? It is […]