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Gay people didn’t die for you to be quiet


(Photo by Felix Russel-Saw)

The only way to stop ignorance is through education. But with all the education in the world, you can lead a fool to logic, but you can’t make them think.

There are those right now who are going to choose to remain ignorant because their ignorance supports their world view.

Case in point is the recent blow out in M/M romance.

For those of you who don’t know a female author pushed the idea that : I identify as a gay man. 

To which several of her followers responded in kind.

However, when gay men showed up to talk about this – their comments were deleted. They were called haters and one such supporter of the author even went so far as to say that the ‘haters’ should all be rounded up and exiled to die in the wilderness.

How Trumptastic of you. 

Anyway, following a fall out – some very angry and upset folk lighting the world on fire in justifiable outrage – an apology was given. And then a “Thank you” to her supporters for a boost in her sales something I predicted would happen because there’s one thing about M/M authors is that – if you’re popular enough, you get this cult like following or ‘street team’ that is prepared to defend ‘their author’ with everything they have. Sometimes they even go so far as to haunt goodreads author pages, one staring material, and on and on it goes.

And then comes the slapback, pushback, clapback, whatever you call it.

But here’s the thing.

Gay people are used to bullshit. Especially older ones. This idea of “Well I’m just gonna….”

You do so at your own peril.

Gay people have died because they were gay, either from disease such as the AIDS epidemic, brutality, being turned out by family, or by suicide.

Those that remain are not militant – they’re battle hardened. They’re tough. Inside and out and stepping to them is really not all that smart.

What’s happened recently and has happened in the past that stirs up this controversy was, is, and will remain bullshit until it stops.

Gay people are writing, now. They’re reading, now. They’re here now summoned like genies to this genre because of it’s subject matter.

And they have EVERY RIGHT under the SUN to check someone on their foolishness.

So, I hope this time this issue doesn’t fade away or get swept under the rug because of pressure or threats of loss of sales and backlash of followers destroying people’s review pages – I hope this time gay men and people in the LGBTQI world who are now involved in the creative process stand up and keep letting their voices be heard.

Those people who died of AIDS who fought at stonewall who were beaten to death – they’re sill here. And they demand that you stand up for yourself now more than ever.

We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going ANYWHERE.

Just Sayin…


3 thoughts on “Gay people didn’t die for you to be quiet”

  1. Very well said.
    There’s this movement leaded by certain horrid women that purport to be “doing gays a favor” by writing about them. How is it a favor when you’re monetizing your support while trying to put the very people you’re supposedly an ally of, under the rug. And those idiotic, brainwashed followers are ok with that? WTF!
    Homophobia is unfortunately one of the last socially acceptable prejudices. All of us that fight for human rights cannot allow this to continue. As we have seen from what has happened in our country (and now in the small mm writing community) this is not the time for apathy. I think there must be a way to make them feel they will be the object f some sort of social punishment. Beginning by not buying their books and not forming part of their groups and letting people know their true nature.

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