Never should (poem)

Never should a winter be so cold Or I, so lonesome That I can not hear the whispering words of my lovers heart nor feel the warmth of his tender cheek agaisnt mine Never should my heart be turned to stone, and I so unmoved That the sins of my father escape my attention and […]

The Exchange (poem)

We trade things Independence for happiness Money for food Our bodies for pleasure We exchange ourselves Self assuredness for acceptance Money for drugs Our hearts for mere moments when tomorrow may never come There are no receipts for these things No bills of lading as time has nowhere to go And no one to receive […]

I wanted to love you (Poem)

I wanted to love you And wrap you safe in my arms When the night winds swept with frosty diligence to rattle the bones of the house I wanted to love you With my words Kissed on the back of your neck Or on that soft spot on your hips I wanted to love you […]