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Social Media Royalty (poem)

Who are you to speak to me so?
With acid dripping from your lips
As flames bursting forth like bullets from your finger tips
You have a following, a group, or posse
Each one of them chattering like teeth inside empty skulls
Bone against bone in this arthritic world

Words bitter like loneliness
Acidic as the bottom of an ashtray
You make you points and scream your words
When ash coats your tongue, your kiss – poison

When did we get to be so nasty?
So ready to declare war
To tell women you aren’t really women if..
And men aren’t really men if…
Or Christians aren’t really Christians if…
Or allies aren’t allies if…
Or love is not love if…
How would you know? Where did you learn? How do you keep score?

Take your posse and your words
Take your indignation, too
Take your mother’s lack of home training
Take your Amazon, goodreads, comments on MSNBC
Take your blog posts, and your Twitter and get the fuck away from me

Misery loves company
And I’m tired of being your bitch
Tired of living inside your cast iron soul
Hearing your words, scratching your itch
You’re schtick famous
You’re silly and rather trite
You’re social media royalty
In empty castles on sandy shores