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Who declared this war? (Poem)

Who declared this war
And not the ones in distant lands
But the one being waged right here?
Where the body counts rise
In a one sided struggle
Where the enemy hits soft targets?
And no one moves to stop it?

Where are the cowboys, with shining stars emblazoned on their proud chests
Or knights upon gallant steeds with swords drawn high?
Where are the kings and noble queens and the round table?

Who binds the hands of a people
And like lambs leads them to the slaughter
In a school house, a tavern, or a church?
Is this what ‘land of the free’, means?
Is it brave to get cut down in thundering chaos
Like the children once offered to Baal?
Is it brave to ignore the sound of weeping mothers and bereft fathers?

Who declared this war
This one sided massacre, this steady March to oblivion?
Where we worship a graven image in the shape of a gun?
Where our god is black cloaked figure that carries a scythe
That sweeps wide arcs like a farmer when the fields are white unto harvest

Where is the liberty ? Freedom from tyranny of the masses?
Where is the life? Freedom from a national blood lust?
Where is the pursuit of happiness?

Who declared this war?
There is no enemy but us – we’ve killed more of our own than have died in foreign lands.
What kind of country butchers her own children?
Who declared this damn war?
I think we did. And we have fallen on our own sword.