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Looking for a damn good LGBT book? Read this one.



Goodness, where do I begin?
This was a gentle, loving, patient book about the life of a man who grew up in the middle-of-nowhere- Colorado and the people that surrounded him.
Gorgeously written with prose like poetry, I think Michael Scott Garvin tells the story of nearly every gay man in this novel. He paints a picture of the world that existed in all of its complicated glory before, during, and after he decides to live his life. The normalcy of it all. The mundaneness of it all. The tragedy. And the laugh out loud hilarity of it all.
Garvin grasps humanity in this forgiving story that treats people with the dignity they deserve. Like a modern day gospel, we see the struggle of a man and his family just to survive and the unyielding love he had for his family.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I found myself reflected periodically through the pages and I had to catch my breath.
Mr. Garvin, you didn’t write a novel. You wrote a beatitude. Blessed are they who love, no matter how the love, for wherever love is, God is.

“I will then rest in the shade of the pines and wait for the echoes of my mother’s distant voice to hasten me home.”

Shit. Now I’m crying again.

A tour de force. Bravo!