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Lighthouse (poem)



In the midst of tempest raging
When the wind and waves crash constant
And the night is filled with flashing lights and rolls of thunder
When the rain lashes a thousand needles against the skin
A proud lighthouse stands in the midst of it all

Even when the world trembles
From the celestial cannon fire sounding
And the periods between electric light are as dark and deep as the ocean
And the sailor has lost his way
A proud lighthouse stands in the midst of it all

With yellow lights beaming, round and round its promise goes
Warning sailors of imminent danger while at the same time guiding them home

Though the waves may hide jagged rocks jutting upward
Ready to take apart ship and limb and life
The steady knowledge of someone watching, always vigilant , always ready
Encouraged the sailor to keep on fighting til the wind gives up the ghost

That’s how I felt the day I found you and i knew to come and speak to you
When life’s cruel waves did force me from a life I’d always known
And as that cannon fire through the night did rumble
Blinded by the lightning’s angry forked limitations
Though hot as the sun’s surface was too brief to guide me safely

But those days tempest-tossed are far behind me
And even though the wind and waves grow higher
The fear of going under or dashing against the unyielding rocky shore
Isn’t Much of a worry for me these days
For I’ve given up my ship, now Harbored just inside the bay
And now I bathe in the glow of the lighthouse which has now become my home