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Liberals, Conservatives, and a Sinking Ship.

Donald Trump.

You know, I don’t know how much the Republicans won in November on their own and how much we – as democrats – contributed to it. But I watched this segment with Bill Maher earlier this evening and it made a lot of sense.
Liberals – among other things – have terrible communications issues. Which is ironic, given that most consider liberals to be educated elitists snobs who love to hear themselves talk. And in some instances – they’re right.
Let’s say, for instance, we’re all on a boat and it’s sprung a leak. Now, a liberal will analyze the boat, they’ll identify the source of the leak, they’ll inform everyone on board that IN FACT, a leak exists – everyone will understand in no uncertain terms that the leak is VERY BAD for everyone, there will be committees formed, a symposium on the issue,  someone may give a TED talk, and debate will break out over the correct way of fixing so said leak while everyone applauded each other on how smart they are. Meanwhile, the water levels are rising.
There never seems to be a ‘fix’ where liberals are concerned.
There is no ‘roll up your sleeves and get dirty’ in an attempt to keep the boat from sinking.
Conservatives on the other hand, simply say so said leak doesn’t exist. Everything is just fine. As a matter of fact – if a leak exists over in the aft portion of the ship perhaps we should punch a hole in the bow so the guy who makes lifeboats can capitalize on a sinking ship.
Then a war breaks out between the liberals and the conservatives over if and why water is rising on the boat, the liberals blame the conservatives, the conservatives blame liberals, republicans blame democrats, and democrats blame republicans while so-called ‘independents’ run around talking about how all of them are wrong and that George Washington gave a speech before he left office declaring water in a boat is bad and the how the boat should be allowed to sink since it isn’t the responsibility of the boat, to begin with, to keep people afloat. No one likes these guys, btw.
Meanwhile, the passengers in the ship are starting to panic. They see gridlock. An immobilized group of people who are unable to fix, what should be an easy problem to fix, and when they get desperate – they elect to give the command of the ship to one figure who says that ‘he alone’ can fix all their problems.
So, the man seizes control of the vessel and while he may have sorta kinda temporarily fixed their issues – by plugging the leak with corpses of the liberals and conservatives – the ship is not the one everyone boarded and now the ship is being piloted by Black Beard – when all along the leak could have been fixed by turning the ballast pumps on, draining the water,  and welding the leak.
Essentially, by making the system work again.

Trump did not win by an overwhelming vote, despite the conservative propaganda. He won because no one bothered to vote. If you look at the statistical data – democrat turnout to the polls was the worst it’s been in thirty years. Voter turnout overall hasn’t been this bad in almost 75 years.

Trump made gains because no one gave a damn about the system, anymore.


Because, as Bill pointed out, while tea partiers were putting in neo-conservatives on school boards whose sole purpose in life is to eradicate public education, liberals were busying themselves with being the  ‘thought police’ and decided to ‘educate’ the world about how ass backward it was. There became endless criteria on what it really meant to be liberal and it was us that shrunk our own tent as we castigated those who did not march in ideological lockstep with trigger warnings and slut shaming.

We eat our own.

No one thought to call not only the republicans out on the carpet for their rampant anti-human and complete lack of decency but the democrats as well for their churlish and misguided snobbery – while pleading to the common sense center of our electorate.

Because that statement would have offended someone. It should have. It would have offended the right people. The wing nuts who chased everyone else away from the ballot box.

While racists and white supremacists have – for now – won the day, it was because of our own self-cannibalizing elitism. While the rest of America – who isn’t racist, isn’t homophobic, isn’t bigotted, who’s just tired of the nonstop craziness and the thought police telling them how to think and then screaming at them that if they did not, in fact, think the way these liberals did, they were the aforementioned banes of society – simply stayed home and handed over – on a golden platter- the keys to the kingdom.

We bought Donald Trump as much as anyone else because in our race to the pinnacle of self-awareness and delusions of grandeur we became fucking stupid.

Watch Bill Maher’s segment, here

1 thought on “Liberals, Conservatives, and a Sinking Ship.”

  1. I’m not American, so probably have no right to comment, but I’m going to anyway.

    In my opinion, the Democrats did not turn out because they didn’t like their candidate. The mistake was in choosing Hillary Clinton. From the perspective of a foreigner from across the Atlantic, she didn’t seem popular with her own party. It looks like trying to set up a Clinton dynasty. Then there was the e-mail scandle. Even if she didn’t intend any wrongdoing, I think few people would like someone who was incapable of understanding that it was inadvisable at best to use her own private email server for classified emails as the President.

    The choosing of the candidate was where the Democrats went wrong. Now we’re stuck with Donald Trump for at least 4 years because they rejected Saunders. But even then, he’s an old man and could possibly have not lived to see his term out if he’d won.

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