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Hey Goodreads Warriors: you cannot prop up a minority by putting down others

I just saw a friend of mine on facebook post a few quotes from emails she received after reviewing a book.

It was hate mail from six women towards her an African American woman.

The quotes were peppered with the word “Nigger”

and told her that she should, “…keep her welfare opinions to herself.” In the midst of telling her how they support the underdog (gay people).


Gay men don’t want that kind of help from people like you.
We don’t want your help if you are going to prop us up by being violent against another highly marginalized minority. Especially if, as women, you are violent toward another woman.

Getting support from people like you is like getting support from people like Donald Trump.

Because at the end of the day, you don’t give a shit about helping anyone. You’re here, to help yourself. Those books you write, ain’t to help the gay boys, it’s to help you make some money off of queer people.

The m/m community has been rife with issues and accusations of cultural appropriation on one hand and then accusations of men trying to tell women what they can and cannot write.

And it goes back and forth like a tennis ball. That’s why I left associating with most of it. Because I think they’re both, in a way, right.

I think there is cultural appropriation happening and there are women who are pissed gay men are actually writing in the genre.

And then there are misogynistic gay men who feel like they can dictate to women what they should and should not write. And then there are the author possies that run around like middle-aged gang bangers trying to defend ‘their turf’ and lose their minds over reviews.

If there is an author out there who you like, who gets a shitty review or a review you disagree with. You have no right to contact them and be cruel. Your author can weather that storm without your input. All you are doing is making them look bad.

The community was propped up as inclusive and wonderful. About people coming together to ….whatever….become self-aggrandizing little shits, Goodreads warriors, who will say anything behind a keyboard.

Shame on you and your stupid Racism.

So here is some advice. There is a tree outside of where you are right now creating oxygen for you to breathe.
Unless you have some revelation and get right with Jesus because that ass is so jacked up, you should go and apologize to it.

Are we not all human?
Are our features so different that we make people less than?
Even in our little world, in our little literary world, are we so privileged, as gay people, to let someone or a group of someones demean another based on her race?
Calling a woman a nigger is like calling one of us, a faggot
That reduces a person to a skin color or in our case, to nothing more than how we have sex.
And then to turn around and talk about how you stand for the marginalized?
What is wrong with us? That we would allow such ignorance?
No. It isn’t ignorance.
That was yesteryear.
Today its blatant and willful stupidity.
Do they not bleed and laugh and cry when the situations call for it?
Do they not dance at weddings? or sing lullabies to their children at night?
Then to be a woman and denigrate another woman when you yourself have been denigrated by men lo these many years? And told that you CANNOT and RIGHTS DONT BELONG TO YOU and YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR PLACE.
Woman, don’t you know that you weren’t considered a full-fledged citizen in this country until 1971?
That your man once owned you?
That until the 1980’s you couldn’t get a credit card in your name without your husband’s permission.
That W-O-M-A-N was as freedomless as B-L-A-C-K
Your rights aren’t as reaching into history as mine has been. Even as a queer, I could hide that part of me and be more than you by the bit of flesh between my legs. But you, for your breasts and the womb that gives life were less than.
Sojourner Truth wasn’t just talking about black. She was talking about women when she asked, “Where your Jesus Come from?”
I can’t believe, I don’t want to believe, that with the advent of the internet and instant messaging and a world of knowledge at our fingertips – we still must deal in trading ourselves.
I want no part of anyone who thinks of me in better regard than someone else simply because of the circumstances of my sexuality.
I didn’t choose to be gay.
And I am certain black people didn’t choose to be black. Nor did you choose to be a woman.
Because, I gotta tell ya. In this day and age, even today, sadly to say, the prime real estate is STILL not in regards to the ‘fairer sex’ but in being a white, protestant, male.
Look around you, woman!
Look around you and see!
Simply in the political discourse the women who would bow their knee to a man who says, “Look upon me woman, and know thy master.”
There are women who would give away their right to self-determination and call that determination, murder.
By what standard? And who decides?
The men of your church organization?
I guess Thomas Jefferson was right, some people would prefer the calm seas of despotism to the tempestuous seas of liberty. But even if that is your preference don’t castigate your sister with names that would offend you, if someone called you , BITCH or Whore, or Slut or any other name meant to demean you and belittle you into being less than for opting to set sail into her own future.
Are we not all human?
Some days I wonder…