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Happy Easter



unsplash-logoChristoph Schmid

A man and woman slog their way through the snow, their car behind them having run out of gas. In the dark through the blowing snow, they see the lit sign of a hotel and the word VACANCY, they go through the door and walk up to the counter, as they open their coats it becomes apparent that the woman is very pregnant. The man asks for a room for the night, The manager asks “for you and your wife?” The man says “oh she’s not my wife were just engaged.” The manager immediately bristles and says “well I’m sorry but I’m a Christian and I don’t have to serve you, you’ll have to move along.” The man and woman, dejected, miles from the next town slog back through the snow to their cold car. The next morning they are found by the highway patrol, the man his arms wrapped around his girlfriend her arms wrapped around her belly, frozen to death… So ended the second coming of Jesus, on a lonely stretch of highway, somewhere in rural Indiana.