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Do you (Poem)

I love the way you do you
With the way you keep your hair
And the mess you leave when your not here
I love the way you smell, what you murmur at two am as you sleep
And how you think I’m brilliant

I love the way you do us
The way I miss you when your in the living room
Or the way you make me go with you for cigarettes and our Sunday pastries

We’re in the body of Christ
At least that’s what they named this damn city
But I’m in paradise just the same
I don’t think blue waters over white sands would change much
Or streets of gold for that matter

I love the way you do me
I can’t finish this without a disclaimer
But I’ve been criticized by outsiders for my role in this marriage
If they only knew how we got down
They’d blush and get quiet

Do you
Do us
Do me

You poor, poor busy man
Someone should take pity on you….


You like it