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A ghost ( Poem)

I once went to a cemetery
on an outing to hunt spirits, wraiths, and ghosts
to my surprise, on this dark and humid night
I found that there was division, out there, amidst the stones

See, this place was segregated
divided betwixt poor whites and poor black
and as i stood there among those who had come with me
I was astounded to see an iron gate that ran between this and between that

There were headstones of the same or similar color
both races had been buried six feet down
both had loved ones at one point visit
both had been missed when they were no longer around

I stood at the edge of two worlds literally one foot on either side
and asked my questions
a plead and a beg
that if a soul was present with me
to feel free to show me a sign

Well, black or white it didn’t matter
nor did it matter that the moon was full and high
No did it matter what skin color or station
of the spirit when he/she/it decided to pass by

But I do know where the tug on my pant leg came from
it came from my left, in the black section you see
and it was later when i was wiping the fear off my brow, my scream from my lips
that I realized it had been a black spirit who had been kind enough to come and answer me.