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Tis the Season for Rock and Roll (poem)


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dance in the morning
when it’s seven a.m
and the dog is on the leash
with sleep still slowing my limbs

Then the percussion kicks in
and a smile slides onto my face
as i hum along and my stride lengthens
and my blood begins to wake my stiff sore legs

it’s October now and like the change
in the seasons
my taste in music alters as the summer
wind cools
and the shadows lengthen
I need something more dynamic
to reach me where the sunlight wanes

Rock and Roll
with Tina’s steely voice and Janis’
raw sexuality
and Bob Seger’s Night moves ready me
for the season of cold nights
and lovemaking

Before my first cup of coffee
I’ve danced to Boston
lip synced to Steve Perry
and was your private dancer
in this sick cycle carousel
this record player we call life

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