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Let me (Poem)

diego-hernandez-222506.jpgLet me hold myself still
in my well of sorrows
in my wellspring of joy
let me armour my heart
with both pain and rapturous ecstasy
and although the wind tear at my clothes
and the tide threatens to wash me away
let me stand firm, rooted in who I am
with the miles I’ve walked having calloused my feet
and turned them to stone
let me swell my chest and raise my chin
and let my hands rest gently at my side
and although tears course down my time, and weather, and weary worn face
let me smile the smile of a fool in love
who was wise enough to know to only bend my knee
and lower my head at that touch and that touch alone
Let me hold myself, dignified
having lived a life not envied by many
but lived by me carried out with steel strong spine
and  sheer will the sea alone can understand
until I be carried away, nothing more than a twinkle in time
but a twinkle nonetheless.

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