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I am not your homo (poem)


Derek Owens
i am not your homo
your self promo
your private dancer
or your reason to go on

drown it in gold
its still only a cover
you cannot fathom the essence
of the material deep inside

the only way to expose it
is to expose you
when you stand inside your truth
we meet at an intersection of our


without that all else is caricature
a golden calf paper mache
pretty to look at but void of the inside
even when filled with candy

No god

shake it till it breaks
shatter it
bleed it out
lay it on the floor

get down on your hands and knees
and search through the mess
you still don’t get it do you?
you can’t claim what you’ve never possessed
what you never had rights to

i am not your homo
your non committal fun on a friday night
I’ve already had trick daddy days
that, should you have witnessed it,
still couldn’t articulate

I am not your homo
I don’t belong to you
he don’t belong to you
we don’t belong to you
We are ours and ours alone

Freebirds fleeing your gilded cage