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Hashtag: Likesarebetterthanlove (poem)




Love is bleeding to death
body on the ground
crimson drops flow from his/her wrist
no words from pale white lips
eyes as blue as the sky

People step over
liberal and not
conservative and not
too stuck inside themselves to look down
too angry to see what could easily be found

For every missed opportunity
another cut is made as the sky opens up
fast fingers replying harsh words
tap, tap, tapping out the sound of his/her cry

“Gotcha, bitch
“Told ya, fool”
how about them republicunts?
All Racist, got nothing else going on”

“Yeah, well
I would be like you
but I don’t require triggers for days that end in Y
speaking of cunt, tell your mom I said, ‘hi’, son.”

Words lodge in the skin

each blow taking his/her life a little closer
to the edge
the lady/man in white begins to match their robe
face changing with each missed opportunity
as their life fades away

One stops looks down
see’s his/her sad state of affairs
the glow from their phone lighting their face
and is horrified to see her own on the victim

She sees her hair fanned out on the concrete

The figure is a mirror image now
‘Save Aleppo’ written on the shirt she wears
she sees her conservative father’s eyes
and bites her lip

yet, instead of kneeling
praying, begging, pleading
she leans over and with a flash of white light, whispering
“I just instagramed the shit out of you,”

Caption this, she types
hashtag lost, hashtag forgotten
hashtag allthefeels
hastag toobusytho
as she stands back up and steps over

One like, two like, three like four
She smirks and walks on,

Hashtag:Likeisbetterthanlove these days