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Time and Love (Poem)

April is national Poetry month and before I turn in, I was thinking about the relationship between love and time.

So I have this.

Love is an act of defiance
against the truth of life sweet and bitter realities
that says this person i will hold steady
here with me – with all that I am
and that will be enough
Exquisite in its mercilessness
this feeling invades our bodies down to
our finger tips
infusing us with strength and hope
and promises of a million tomorrows
But Love has a Rival
stoic and still and ever present and cool
to the touch as a washrag on the brow
of someone burning up with fever
rational and constant is this thing
called Time
Constant in it’s vigilance
Love rails often against its ever encroaching presence
sending sparks high up into the night sky
like a cowboy’s campfire that burns hot
at night but cools by mornings gray breaking dawn
when Time comes to touch
the inferno of our hearts with a steady careful hand
Love whimpers with each and every caress
but time also feels the deep cuts along
the molten heart now turned to stone
and respectfully acknowledges the fight
for each and every single beat as it
feels the remnant warmth echoing its truth
and for the briefest of moments Time loves
the way Love loves before settling back in its cool contemplative ways.
(Photo: Jiyeon Park)