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Michigan Summers (poem)


(Photo: Andrew Montgomery )


I miss Michigan summers
When the lakes were filled to spilling
On the shores of lake erie
In n the parks of green

I miss the path passed the lakeside
Between the pool and tennis courts
Where my blades cut paths unyielding
Pushed back only by the wind

I miss the path as it dashed into the woods
Three miles out and three miles in
Where by now sweat dripped freely down my back
And the breeze dried it upon my skin

I can smell that place a thousand miles away
See the people walk in groups as I turn the corner
Earth, water, and air and me burning

I miss those summers that looking back
Though those times were wrought with care
I was a single gooses feather floating
Loving pushed by a scented fresh ocean air.

I miss those summertime places
Summertime spaces of my youth
When I was hell on wheels with earbuds racing
Faster and faster to my truth

I miss those Michigan summers
When I was younger and the sun was warm
As a ghost I go back to those spaces
Where the wind was cool
When all that chased me was my shadow
And even that wasn’t as dark, and I the fool

Oh to be the fool once more
On the path beside the lake
Those Michigan summers
Beside lake Erie’s shores….