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Alone (Poem)


(Photo by Edwin Andrade)


yeah it could be worse
I could be hungry
but I’ve been hungry before
it could be
that I have nowhere to lay my head
but I’ve found stranger’s shoulders
before you – I found a foreign bed
it could be worse
I could be without food to eat
but what can’t a smile buy me?
a little bit of skin, a bit of company?
I could be out on my own
a stranger in a strange land
but I’ve always been the stranger
That other had looked for to make them feel familiar – connected – alive
It could be worse
but not only for me
for those things are possibilities
should I be without a home
And yes, it could be worse
it could be that the familiar became forgotten
and time and space and neglect pit us against the other
It could be worse, for you
It could be worse
because I could be all those things I was once, once more
and that would leave you as alone as I would be

Yeah – I guess it could be worse

I would be alone

Except for this time it would be all by myself.