Violence and Scars ( a call for passive resistance)

  Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash I remember the day 9/11 happened. It’s something that is seared into my memory. The whole day I was in shock. I fell asleep to CNN and woke up to it still playing on the television with picture after picture, replay after replay of the hijacked airliners and the […]

Trump, Andrew Jackson, Civil War, and White People. Jumping Jesus Christ deliver us from stupid!

      Bleeding Kansas Uncle Tom’s Cabin Slavery – moral issues (Thanks to Uncle Tom’s Cabin which exposed how slaves were treated/living/ dying) as well as economic issues (free labor). Dred Scot v Sanford Lincoln winning all the northern states South threatened to succeed since beginning of union – no one believed their threats […]

The Fundamentalist Inside Me.

  The fundamentalist in my head – that little part of me – that ‘thing’ so wretched and vile, so unmerciful and braggadocious, has been whispering to me all day. In that corner of my consciousness. In the back where I keep the memories of the past so malignant like cancer, that stinks like spoiled […]

Me, The Asshole

​When you make fun of a handicapped person – you lack empathy. When you call someone a fag, Dyke, fairy, homo, bull dagger, punk, etc. You lack empathy. When you call someone a n****r, spic, wop, coon ass, camel jockey, muzzy, white bread – you lack class and empathy. When you want someone off welfare […]