My take on women writing MM Romance

Good Article. Yet, I think there is a generation gap here. I didn’t have access to anything ‘gay’ growing up. Nothing. It was a pejorative term – frequently used against me and made my life hell. Even if I could find something that was gay affiliated, I wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot pole […]

Don’t you worry, we know exactly why m/m romance don’t listen to us.

    So, I guess riptide – who got its chops busted for some pretty racist shit including having a website dedicated to a series of books where slaves are bought and sold – is nominated for the bisexual book awards. Furthermore, another nominee wrote a blog about why Cisgendered men aren’t listened to by […]

Sounds of Spring (National Poetry Month)

  unsplash-logoStudio Dekorasyon   I wake up in the morning drifting sunlight through my window grackles chatting up the neighbors somewhere on another lawn Fan above me whirling nestled deep in cover warmly lawnmowers buzzing pleasantly, underneath the morning sun I sit up, bones a’crackin’ reach for the ceiling I feel my back poppin’ I […]